Free Frog Ringtones

free frog ringtones

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Frogs and tadpoles

Frogs and tadpoles

Common frogs have a robust body and relatively short hind limbs with webbed toes. Males tend to be slightly smaller and darker than females, and can also be distinguished by the dark bluish-black nuptial pads (swellings) on their first fingers. These pads become more pronounced during the breeding season, helping males to grip on to females during mating. The common frogs’ smooth skin varies in colour from grey, olive green and yellow to various shades of brown and is covered with irregular dark blotches. Common frogs have a dark ‘mask’ enclosing their eyes and eardrums, and often have barred markings on their limbs and flanks. Their undersides are white or yellow, sometimes orange in females, and are often covered with brown or orange speckles. Completely red or black individuals are occasionally found in Scotland, and some individuals may turn blue during the breeding season. Albino common frogs have been found with yellow skin and red eyes. Common frogs also have the ability to lighten or darken their skin to match their environment. Common frogs have brown eyes with black horizontal pupils, and transparent inner eyelids that protect their eyes while they are underwater.

frog/ poison arrow frog cp

frog/ poison arrow frog cp

The crease pattern for my frog and poison arrow frog. The left side is the less detailed base, and the right side is the more detailed base ( I didn't want anyone to think that one side was for the frog and the other side was for the poison arrow frog). To make the poison arrow frog, you just need to make some minor changes on a few parts. It is basically a bird base with elaborate point splits. The notes explain how to make to poison arrow frog.

free frog ringtones

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